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Hey Lovelies! It’s been awhile since I’ve written you all. I’ve been a little MIA primarily because I have actively been honing into listening to myself and soaking in some major/much needed R&R. My body told me to chill the heck out, and this probably the first time I’ve actually listened and obeyed that advice to self. In the past, I was way too hardheaded which caused unfortunate consequences upon myself. Therefore, I decided it was time to take my own advice and do little to nothing like my body advised.

I’d been  encountering way too many moments in which I almost felt like a headless chicken. I was running around trying to accomplish this and that for myself and those around me as well. I figured I’d keep pushing until I couldn’t like normal, but in actively attempting to correct this year’s bad habits I knew that running myself in the ground wasn’t/isn’t the answer anymore. Plus, the saddest thing ever happened to me within these last few weeks and I had a really tough time swallowing that pill. But, the first step is always recognizing the problem then correcting it as best as possible.

WHAT HAPPENED? Well, simply put I lost motivation and ambition in the midst of trying to be superwoman! To the point where I almost  decided to throw in the towel on my creative self. Silly me, right? For two weeks I’d really considered parting ways with blogging, creating, designing, all that good. I seem to have gotten super caught up in my personal life and feeling unpleased with figments of that part of my  life as well as not really progressing which placed me in a major funk.

What’s this gotta do with “ZON’T BE REGULAR” you may inquire? Welllllll, that was exactly my problem. I felt that the content I was putting out was exactly the opposite, pretty regular and almost pointless. I didn’t feel like I was attracting anyone with my content, nor inspiring  a single soul. Heck, I wasn’t even inspired myself to create the content so how could I possible inspire someone else.

NEWSFLASH….. Nothing in life works that way. Taking this time away helped me reach that epiphany. GRATEFUL! THANKFUL! BLESSED I am to have had this breakdown/creative-block crisis or whatever you want to call it because I’m daily gaining my creative self in a way I haven’t before and feels tooooo tooooo good! Furthermore, you know when I come back, it will be nothing regular! Of course I’m putting out and creating nothin close to REGULAR!

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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