Lola Shoetique Matching Set | Lola Shoetique Clutch

Hey Lovelies! How wonderful is the color yellow?!? The first ideal that comes to mind when I think of this color is sunshine. I’d almost argue that YELLOW stands for the SUN, but those are just my mere thoughts. However, I’ve always heard that if you keep your face toward the sunshine, the shadow will always fall behind you! Take a moment and give that some thought if you’ve never heard that saying before…. DEEEEEEP, right?

Nonetheless, this set comes from my favorite place these days, especially when I want to snag a matchy matchy set; Lola Shoetique, that is! Here’s what Lola Shoetique does right, stock their website with trendy yet irresistible items and then you’ll find yourself trying to google or stalk influencers coupon codes to get a discount off your order… OR  IS THAT JUST ME!!! It happens to me every single time I visit their website. I get sucked in immediately and there’s no turning back after that…..! 

Well, if you follow me or my instagram, you’ll notice that as of late, I have my own coupon code at! Can I get an AMENNNNNN!!! Yay me! I no longer have to be that “creep” that stalks coupon codes, lol!… 

Seriously speaking, do yourself a huge favor and save yourself some bucks, use my code “Smith20” at checkout for a discount! As a result, we’ll all shine bright together! Hooray us! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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