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Hey Lovelies! All good things must come to an end; the winter days are vastly trickling down. I’m still enjoying my last bit of winter wear. Today it’s all about this darling Winter Rosette Kate Spade frock. As I have before, I’d definitely argue that Kate Spade makes the best dresses like ever, even to the simplest of fit and flare dresses like shown above. I think it’s prints like these that me swoon over and over for Kate Spade dresses time and time again. In being a floral print aficionado, I’ve witnessed so many floral prints that feel irretrievably summery. However, this richly-hued dress couldn’t be more perfect for this winter. I even though about paring it with darker tights to play off the crisp white peter pan collar, but maybe I’ll save that look for next go around. Nevertheless, don’t I look super ladylike in this dress as well?!? Immediately after putting it on, I felt that gushy-ish pretty feeling I always feel when being a girly-girl and commanded some attention, “oh hey your dress is pretty”and “what a lovely dress that”! I received countless compliments on it and only wore it a whopping one time! I probably won’t transition this into spring because the hues are quite dark, but I will keep around to bring it back for autumn. This crepe material design definitely is something I also want to keep around for inspiration sake. I think I might design something similar for my new collection. Ladylike details is what I live for, but that’s no secret, whatsoever! I can’t imagine a world without girly girl deets! That’s actually a really scary thought! I mean, sure there’s sexy, subtle, tomboy, etc. but there’s nothing like a feminine silhouettes. Life probably wouldn’t be the same, well my life. At any rate, I’m pretty excited to see Kate Spade’s spring collection – I hope there’s a whole lot of girly-girl like this Winter Rosette, per usual!  


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