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Hey Lovelies! I’ve been really obsessed with Los Angeles winter scenery lately (or lack thereof). If you follow me on any of my social media handles, you’ll note that I’m completely obsessed with with sunsets, skylines, palm trees, etc.. I can candidly say, each new day of this year, I’ve taken a few moments out of my day to just observe and admire nature. Doing this has increased my love for our creator (God) even more! I find myself literally grasping at some of the most pretty sunsets I’ve ever witnessed recently. My heart overwhelms with joy because God literally gives us this art daily free of charge! I’ve never met an artist like him – publishing the best artwork known to mankind for zero dollars, lol.

In the grand scheme of my daily appreciation for nature, I have also been enamored with palm trees. As a native of Angeles, I have almost always taken this for granted. I mean my daily routee since infancy were surrounded by “those tall green skyscrapers.” Ashamedly, I’ll admit, I’ve taken them for granted for years.  Ironically, it sorta took seeing everyone else making a big deal about them to actually grow a huge fondness of how amazing they really are!

Skipping a few decades ahead now, palm trees have been my favorite subject when practicing my photography these past few weeks. You ever see/witness those persons who are always trying to incorporate palm trees in the background of their photos? Well, that’s definitely me all the time nowadays. I hate that I waited this long to develop an obsession with them. They’re picture perfect in every single way, even when you witness them leaning over as if they might just break and fall. The leaning palm trees are personally my favorites because they remind me that in the midst of storms, to not try to stand up straight and tall and erect. Just as palm trees, allow yourself to bend and be blown with the wind. This all centers around the power of letting go! 

When my photographer decided to use palm trees as the blurred background in these photos, I almost did a few hundred backflips! Aren’t these nice, well aside from my squinty eyes. Can’t have it all though, right!?! 

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