Nordstrom Faux Fur Jacket Top Shop Jeans  | Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals | YSL Purse

Hey Lovelies! I’m so excited I got to have a winter crush because winter is all  about snuggling and cuddling and all that mushy gushy stuff. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every bit of winter  fashion this season and most importantly, I’m happy I actually got to dress for the season. I’m super proud to report that LA has had some real winter days, of course no snow, but we’ll take what we can get! Nonetheless, this look was probably one of my favorites from this season. It honesty captures my true LA self, freezing cold, but still parlaying around in an open-toe shoe, lol! I’m pretty sure other Angelenos can relate with me so I’m not going to even justify myself anymore. Back to the top, I crushed super hard on this look because I paired a few randomness and actually created something amazing. All the metallics are just working to my advantageous. Nothing clashed even though I’ve got a lot a log going on here. I am so in love with this YSL bag and guess what, I’m definitely carrying it over to spring. I’ll probably pair it with some of the lighter shades to soften it up a bit, but I’m definitely not going to let this baby go to waste! When I saw these metallic jeans hanging on the rack at Top Shop the other day, I wasn’t all that thrilled because typically these style of jeans don’t have much stretch, and us curvy fashionistas need the extra stretch. Ok, I’ll speak for myself, I NEED MY STRETCH!!!! But, I had become a little desperate and needed a bottom that provided a “pop” and so I went with it. To my surprise, they ended up fitting me well even without much stretch. Finally, I know that I’m not the only one who’s dreamt of having the coolest warm coat ever!!! I mean if this isn’t the ultimate winter crush one can ever have then I’m not sure what is! I crushed  so hard when I saw and was determined to wear it this season, even if it was only a few days left of winter. It’s like the perfect sidepiece! I probably would have worn it in 80 degree weather. NOT KIDDING!!  MSsignature

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