H&M Bodysuit| Brown Sugar Collection Pants | Nordstrom Faux Fur Stole| Top Shop Sandals

Hey Lovelies! My winter uniform just became official – “Wide Leg Pants & Faux Fur” every single day! Lol, I just joking. However, in all seriousness, I can’t get enough of wide leg pants. I love how they compliment my frame which is quite ironic especially since they’re ultra baggy. BUT, there’s nothing more flattering than an item that flatters the waistline and these seem to work quite nicely by slimming mine. The illusion for now is ok with me while I’m working hard to achieve a smaller waist size in real life, the right way! Nevertheless, I couldn’t be more grateful to Brown Sugar Collection for gifting me with such an amazing piece. Though the color of these wide leg pants is pretty picture perfect for autumn, but they brought a nice little spice to my wardrobe for winter as well. Plus, you can never go wrong with a pop of color. I figured that black (although it might be slightly cliche) would be my best option when it came to paring and accessorizing. I personally think that this black bodysuit and random faux fur accessories and shoes popped the wide leg pants even more. The faux fur stole adds a bonus richness to look; I snagged it from Nordstrom a few years ago for under $100.00 and have been attached ever since. Funny thing, each year I think about retiring these Top Shop faux fur sandals because I always conclude that they’ve had their time and shine, but I never have the heart to do it. Speaking of which, I’m actually glad I kept these around one more year because they matched perfectly with my  look! OHEMGEE!!!!! When looking back at this look, I realize that I’m starting to commit bodysuit overkill, but seriously guys, I really can’t help it. Bodysuits are super affordable and they’re convenient; not to mention they give you that feeling of freedom (ya’ll know exactly what I mean, lol)! However, this one specifically adds a nice little sexiness without crossing the line. Plus, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with be channeling grow and sexy from time to time! I wish I could were this uniform every single day – “Wide Leg Pants & Faux Fur” because the look so darn awesome, but I guess that just might become boring. Please be sure to check out shopbrownsugarcollection.com for fashionable finds for all shapes and sizes! 


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