Asos Kimono | Zara Jeans | Prada Shoes | Moschino Clutch 

Hey Lovelies! Ever have a moment when you’re putting together a look that you anticipate will turn out absolutely horrendous, yet somehow your look actually surprises you by turning out to be the exact opposite? “When it all comes together” is quite possibly the best fashion feeling a fashionista will feel, at least for me it is. Occasionally I experience fashion blocks because it is always my intention to create looks that are different and unique. Though I stick to matching sets quite often, you’ll notice there’s a twist in each set I post. Nonetheless, I run into fashion blocks from time to time, especially when I try way too hard. What’s that saying, ” less is best,” and often times there’s much truth to that. 

The good ole holidays are right around the corner and creating festive looks are probably on everyone’s to-do list. Holiday parties, gatherings, and celebrations are about to commence (if they haven’t already) this year, and personally there’s not much energy left for me to sit and think out of the box per usual. It’s been a tough year and December greets me drained and not very motivated  on the fashion front of things (not my norm). Fashion blogging feels slightly cumbersome – again not at all how I typically perceive one of things I love most. BUT, life as we know must go on, and the world is still our runway! 

In lieu of getting myself out of that mood and ridding my thoughts of that negative energy, I decided to challenge myself today by styling a holiday-themed casual look with items in my closet – particularly using items I’ve worn before. What initially intended to be a challenge ended up becoming a no-brainer because everyone knows that if you throw on sequins of any sort, it must be the holiday season or it’s somewhere near, lol. After the fact, I realized that this wasn’t a very good “challenge” at all. The brighter side is that I ended up experiencing a lot more fun than I had anticipated and a little motivation again – pertaining to something I love, but hadn’t recently loved  doing so much lately.

The sequin kimono, the newest of all the items shown above to my wardrobe is unusually unique to me, hence it made it’s way to my closet, lol! This was the only piece I hadn’t worn before posting this look, but it’s been in my closet for a few months awaiting its turn to shine. The jeans – very old and worn several times; I’ve had them since college (whew, many many moons ago). I threw on a random tube top.Yep, I know, it’s December, BUT, I live in California and if winter even blesses us with her presence this year, it won’t truly become cold for another few weeks. Not sure why I selected the Prada statement shoes; actually, I just saw the box in the back of my closet and thought, “hmmmm, it’s been forever since I’ve worn those,” so I decided to give them some wearing. Finally, the H&M x Moschino clutch which I’m attached to the hip at and try and pair with every single look as of late; it’s a blessing that my color palette always compliments well with black & gold accessories which is why I always purchases handbags in this color combo. There you have it folks, my thoughts and rationale in a nutshell for this look, LOL!

In all seriousness though, it is  my hope that you’re not putting too much unnecessary thought and bombarding your brain with what to wear to your holiday shindigs. Here’s the thing, the occasion-ready pieces are probably already somewhere lingering in your closet, just take a few moments to find the most shiny and blingy pieces hanging out around in there and piece it altogether. Plus, I’m confident that there’s a gazillion other things to be focused on. Moral of the story, allow it to all come together…! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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