“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

Cheers to another new year; and though cliché, cheers to another opportunity to get it right! I’m sure that like most of you, I am incredibly in need of the breath of fresh air that a new year typically brings. I am grateful to God that he saw it fit for all of us to see yet another year!!  I especially am incredibly grateful that though 2020 had many unprecedented circumstances, I prevailed and surpassed allllll the challenges.

Last night I reflected on how many people lost their lives in 2020, or lost loved ones, thought about those who couldn’t see their loved ones, pondered on how others spent much time in isolation, al the job losses, and the list went on and on! However, despite all of those very unfortunate circumstances,  the reoccurring reminder that continued to linger in my thoughts was unity; I am hoping that 2021 brings all of that (unity, community, and togetherness) and much much more! 

I would like encourage each of you as well as encourage myself to leave the negativity and bad memories as best as we can in 2020 and begin putting in the work to create an even more hopeful 2021. Let’s all manifest positivity, abundance, and great cheer for an optimistic outlook in 2021. 


I am ready… hope you guys are too!! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 



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