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Forever 21 dress :: H&M blazer :: Nine West flats :: Forever 21 tote :: Forever 21 statement necklace 

Hey Lovelies! I wanted to do a quick post on what my typical Monday – Friday weekday work wear uniform looks like. Although my job is pretty conservative, I try to funk it out as much as possible because I dislike looking boring, even at work. I’m sorry and consider me insurgent if you must, but I can’t do basic suits and whatever formal dress code an office or company may commonly have. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t intentionally try to violate dress code, but I remain as true to me as I can without being an outright rebel! However, to avoid looking dull and repetitive, I’ll add a nice statement necklace or try to incorporate a pop of color within my look at any chance possible. As for workbags, I love big totes especially throughout the week because their roomy, they have enough pockets, their sturdy, and they literally hold all my essentials and more. I usually shop at Nordstrom, Banana Republic, H&M, and Ann Taylor for work wear (especially for skirts and dresses), but I’m finding that Forever 21 has little work wear hidden gems also. Why flats you may ask?!? Way back when I use to wear heels everyday to work, but as of late I’ve become a flats kinda girl because I ‘m always on the go at the job, and I move around way too much. So, flats simply work better for me. I find trendy yet work appropriate flats at Aldo, Lola Shoetique, Nine West, and surprisingly Target. I really enjoy the fall and winter seasons because I’m able to add tights or decorated stockings which help add some jazz to my weekday work wear looks! 


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