Happy February 1st Lovelies! While there’s so much to celebrate all month, I’m commencing my celebratory activities with “WEAR RED DAY.” Red, it’s powerful and scintillating, and the color of that most vital fluid that pumps through our hearts. RED also helps support an important cause, bringing awareness to a disease that kills thousands of women every year, Heart Disease. Wear Red Day is our chance to help spread the word about Heart disease, and make sure that your friends and family can start taking the first steps to heart health.

Did you know that cardiovascular diseases kill approximately one woman every 80 seconds? Wow, I didn’t and I have to be honest, that statistic really shook me. How do you know if you’re at risk? Start by scheduling an appointment with your doctor to have a check-up on your heart and find out where you’re sitting. Every day you ignore is one more opportunity for heart disease to get a stronger hold on your heart, and increases your risk of a heart attack. While you’re making that appointment, take a good long look at your diet and see if there’s some places there for improvement. Most of us have things we can do to improve the way we eat, an opportunity to make better and healthier choices. Wear Red Day is a great opportunity to really reevaluate all of it, you can also use it to start getting ready to get out and exercise, another great way to reduce your susceptibility to heart disease.

To assist in helping raise awareness, #TeamGIMS is putting all RED items and ALL women’s items on sale today! Use code: womenshearthealth at check out!!!  @godismysource_

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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