“Life is a slice of watermelon: never without seeds, but sweet ’til the bitter end.” -Healthful MamaIMG_6949IMG_6966IMG_70021IMG_6997IMG_69451IMG_6974IMG_70261
I’m counting down until the sweet summer days. Its believed that every summer has it’s story, and this I believe to be oh so true. The burst of continual sunshine only alludes to brighter days – literally and metaphorically! And I’m ready for the change. Are you?!?!
Nothing shouts out the coming of summer like watermelon. Cliché? Maybe! However, I anticipate the sweet and refreshing fruit. Although I think of myself as a perfectionist, somehow life always reminds me that things will never always be perfect or even sweet every second. Thankfully, my favorite part of the melon slice is the end – where the pink goodness meets the bitter rind. BALANCE!!! Needless to say, I absolutely adore this tank and bucket bag.  
~Photos :: W.A.E.~ 

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