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Hey Lovelies! Looks like our warmer temps are concluding faster than I anticipated, but before I get into the swing of fall fashion, it only made sense to squeeze in one more summertime dress. If this was Los Angeles’ last hot day for a while, I’m ok with me officially  farewell-ing summer weather with this adorable vertical striped dress. The details of this dress play an important role in making the dress super duper likable – the drawstring belt and front slit. I’m also loving the nautical vibes the vertical lines give off. In addition, since I wore this white Aldo pair (handbag and sandals) pretty much all summer, especially with looks that required white accessories, I couldn’t resist not doing so just one last go round. What I love most about this look is that it’s very simple, but chic, easy, and super cute for almost any relaxed outing or occasion. The sandals aren’t high but just the right height to trot around in comfortably. The dress is flirty and fun which seems right along the lines of what summer is typically all about.

While is it seems like we Angelenos might get a little break from the heat, I’m certain that that won’t last too long. Let’s face it, so many people flock here to live permanently primary for the weather, aka consistent warmer weather all year around, which I personally happen to be pretty darn grateful for. However, there are times I definitely wish LA experienced real seasons. But, I guess that’s what traveling is for, eh; we totally the power to jump on plane and fly across country and go up up up and away!!!! 


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