@godismysource_ = perfect attire for Sunday & Valentine’s Day! 🌹🌹

Though this may seem quite cliché and all, Valentine’s Day is 365 days in my world. I’ve wrote about this several times, but basking in love, spreading love, and giving out my love not an unordinary ordeal in my world.

Today is no different. It’s a quiet day, however the one thing I feel compelled to do is giveback and spread love. How? Well I’m heading over to an “urban camper” community nearby my city and providing them with pizza, sandwiches, dessert,  water, and toiletries. I started this tradition last year with my therapist, and we’ve decided to partake in doing so again this year. Nothing felt more right  but doing this today.

How will you spending your Valentine’s Day? 

Anyone else have additional feels about Valentine’s Day falling on Sunday this year? For me, because I know that GOD is the true epitome of love – because he gave his only begotten son that we all would have LIFE, my feels are beyond the superficial meaning of love. I constantly think about how much God loves me and everyone without judgment and/or any sort of conditions. I really do strive to love myself as well as others in the same manner, however, as you can imagine I am constantly falling short. Nonetheless, today – where this day heavily is about material for many, I am aiming to look beyond that and challenge myself to contemplate on how I can love and exist the way God truly desires us to – beyond the flowers, cards, extra-ness we do for another on today!

OHHHH! There’s a VALENTINE’S DAY exclusive over at GOD IS MY SOURCE. Shameless mention, but I created this one and I’m pretty proud at the creative execution of our first split hat! Though it’s Valentine’s Day inspired, this hat can definitely belongs in your wardrobe because it’s not “on-themed” v-day colors. The rose and burgundy tones can add a pop to your upcoming spring wardrobe.

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Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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