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Hey Lovelies! “Where there is love, there is life.” The greatest value in MY life is and will always be, LOVE! Without further ado, Happiest Valentine’s Day to each of you!!

I’ve always been a ball of love, actually since I can recollect, and in a strange way, I unknowingly mimicked the ways of Christ in that regard my entire life. I love my “neighbors” as much as I do myself, sometimes more than. My high is striving to do all things in love. Though, sometimes I fall short, I recognize that this is how we’re meant to live, this is how God intended for us to exist.

As I evaluate my environment and the condition of the world, my hope is that we show lots more love to another. When I stop and stand in silence, I can’t help but observe how much our daily existence  surrounds hate and negativity. It’s difficult to not  fathom how we won’t reach progression as a people, or move mountains together, especially existing in this manner. I know our answers and solutions reside in constant prayer/chats with God. Therefore, I pray that we imitate the love God shows us daily to our fellow brothers and sisters. I pray we begin to spread love daily, much more than the minimal – to those near and dear to us, and to those whom we don’t even know because I will forever believe that this is truly our cure for change!

Wishing you all an amazing day, may it be filled with an overwhelming amount of LOVE! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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