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Hey Lovelies! Another year, another LOVE DAY! All across the world today, the calendar marks Valentine’s Day 2018! Wishing each of you love, happiness, and all that mushy gush stuff! If you couldn’t tell, this year I‘m not as in the mood or festive as I am usually. A lot of my bah humbug-esque mood stems with me being completely saturated with work and projects.

Completely relatable, right? I know at least one point in your lives, you’ve felt completely overwhelmed with “things-to-do” and “not-enough-hours” in the day feels. This week has felt exactly as such, so I’m pretty blah blah blah on this good ole’ Valentine’s Day this year. I’m also coming to realize a few decades in that this day is a facade full of ridiculous and nonsensical expenses surrounded around it.

Parallel to my thoughts about Christmas, Valentine’s Day  is no different this year. I quite frankly want love 365 days of the year. Don’t you? I want respect, kindness, and being thought of about all year around. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why? I’m that person that gives and treat others just for what I expect. Therefore, it takes more than flowers, candy, and all that other hoopla to impress me! Though I might sound quite dramatic and brash, it’s definitely coming from a good place. I’m basically sparing those who love me all the unnecessary Valentine’s Day expenses and asking for good treatment on the regular. 

As for my Valentine’s Day 2018 look, I wanted to create something completely different than the norm. Sure, reds and pinks are Valentine’s Day appropriate, but I wanted to slightly live on the edge and add a pop of electric blue to my look! Mission accomplished, right? A not so but so Valentine’s Day look.

Ps. – Rose expenses are majorly expensive, btw. I spent 4 bucks per rose in the photos shown above. I’m holding 3 dozens! 3 WHOLE DOZENS! Sorta a waste of money just for a photo prop. See what I’m saying? I could have easily utilized that those expensed for a few tasty meals – being that I’m an uber foodie and all. Valentine’s Day, I tell ya! LOL……


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