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Hey Lovelies! Happy “Valentine’s Day 2017” to each and every single one of you reading this blog post today. Honestly speaking, Valentine’s Day isn’t something I get to crazy bananas over. I mean all the festivities that surround this day are awesome and all, but the more seasoned I become, the more I realize that Valentine’s Day or the concept of it rather, should be something that we aim to celebrate everyday. Now I don’t mean to sound like the typical cynical individuals who are super anti love day or whatnot, but instead I think it is extremely important to treat and show the ones we love on a daily basis how much we love, honor, respect, adore, etc. them.

You know what’s also important? I can’t express how incredibly important it is to love yourself . Fun fact! Before one can love others, he/she should must love thyself. Personally speaking, falling in love with myself was something I learned later in my existence thus far, but it’s the greatest love I’ve know aside from God’s love. When I learned to love myself, everything else slowly began to fall into place in my life. I know that there are people in my life who truly love me, and I am so grateful for each of those persons. However, I view that love from them as a bonus. At any given time, those persons might wake up one day and love me anymore or they might pass away, or whatever the circumstance. If that day were to come, of course I’d experience feelings of sadness, but I’ll eventually be able to get over it because of the love I have for myself and the love God shows me daily.  

Nevertheless, if you have the opportunity to share this special day with another being, I hope you  are having the best day in whatever your activities may be and if you’re at home by your lonesome, please refrain from those lame feelings of sadness or depression. Know that you ultimately have the best love a person can experience, the love you show  yourself, so enjoy your own company today /tonight- whether it be watching your favorite movie, doing your favorite activity, cooking your favorite meal, or reading your favorite book. Take the time to do something for yourself!

I send all my love to all of you – now, always, and forever! ❤?❤?


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