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Hey Lovelies! Ladies and Gents – allow me to present the “Ultimate Black Midi”! I get really excited when I find perfect wardrobe pieces. Although I can’t take full credit for discovering this particular item, I’m incredibly thankful to SHOP SNOB MODE for gifting me with this “ULTIMATE BLACK MIDI” skirt. Yes, yes I know it’s perfection!!! I immediately fell for this midi almost instantly because of  how different its designed. The adjustable criss-crossed cords, front slits, and length were all features that drew my attraction. This piece screams subtly sexy, and well, y’all know that’s my thing. I’ll also admit that I really really really love statement pieces like these because I’m able to house them my wardrobe for a longer span of time (no time to be wasteful). Plus, you know how they say that you always need a LBD in your closet, you also need an ultimate black midi hanging around there too. Let’s face it, black will always be that color that you need  abundance of (it goes with everything, duh, lol), even when other colors try and replace it. Remember when orange tried to become the new black, navy once was the new black, and this previous fall burgundy was the new black, and now currently metallic is the new black???? Just as those colors have come and gone, there will never be THAT color that really replaces black – hate to bust your bubble metallic, lol! Nonetheless, I’m super happy I had the opportunity to style such an amazing piece! I’m sure I could have paired a million and one ways, how I opted for simplicity because it already commands a statement. My motto is typically always allowing one figment of your look to grasp the majority of the attention. When more than two statement pieces are paired together, it somehow becomes too much and creates a chaotic look, confusing people on what the focal point of the look is. I’d purchased these Loubs on sale last year sometime, so I decided to give them some attention by pairing them with my ultimate midi. The black leather/navy fur clutch was a no brainer, love how it added the pop I always aim for. Lastly, I paired a cheap, super simple bodysuit to create a tad bit of contrast and also to bring out the white in my pumps. Well lovelies, there you have it – the ultimate black midi! Please check out SHOPSNOBMODE now now now now, you won’t regret it! 


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