“Put on a smile, try to chase your blues away/ But that won’t stop you from having a crap holiday.” Happy (in denial) holidays! JK JK JK!

And just like that, my fave part of “holiday cheer” is here – dressing festive. We all have that ‘thing’ that makes this season all the more worthwhile. Time spent with loved ones, traditions, etc. is typically an exciting and happy thing, but with 2020 pandemic life, aka “LOCKDOWN” season that we’re all so sick of, this year’s holiday just feels like NOPE!

I thought about how many people won’t have the opportunity to see their loved ones, gather together, or experience what “holiday cheer” is this year. Though that thought saddened me, I was compelled to keep one of my traditions – finding an ugly, not-so-ugly Christmas sweater. Let’s just count this as my little way of creating some festive vibes to combat all this 2020 darkness, cool?!?

Trust me when I say, I totally get feeling depressed about how terrible the majority of  this year has been. I’d like to think that it’s okay to just allow the holidays to suck this year. Personally, I am exhausted and I don’t feel compelled to force the celebration. I continue to remind myself that it’s okay to not be okay right now. Most importantly, it’s okay to simply cope with what’s left of 2020. Because even if we are in fact dreaming of a white Christmas, or of a holiday season that can somehow be healing and restorative, we are recognizing that the world can sometimes be an exhausting place to exist in, and yet we exist in it together. We are not alone. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!!!! 

Don’t forget to check in with your friends and family. Write letters of gratitude and journal about your grief. Light candles for the ones you’ve lost and vow to never forget what selfish leadership costs people. Maybe if we can collectively acknowledge the difficult tension of this season, we can find a way to get to the other side of it, forever telling these stories of our grief, our resilience, and our healing, as we go.

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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