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Happy Twenty Sixteen My Loves!! Here’s yet another chance for the first blank page to 365 new chapters! I wish you all my sincerest well wishes and as we step into this New Year, may your fears fade away, your strength be renewed, and all your dreams come true! 

In Twenty Fifteen I encountered lessons on lessons on lessons, so my only resolution for Twenty Sixteen is to apply what I learned from those lessons to this new year; making it an even more successful year than the last! Funny thing, in the past I would annually set unrealistic goals and resolutions. After January was over, I had either neglected them or just stop caring altogether. However, last year I set more realistic resolutions/goals and by doing this, I was able to accomplish nearly everything on my 2015 To-Do List! They say “the more seasoned you become, the more wisdom you gain” which I’m learning is unquestionably true. So while I’m elated to enter this Twenty Sixteen, I’m a definitely grateful for my achievements and accomplishments from Twenty Fifteen. 

Though I rarely make promises (not because I can’t/won’t/don’t keep them), I can assure you my Twenty Sixteen will definitely be my best year yet! I’m on a crazy positive high/dream-chasing/goal-digging super vibe and I’m determined to not let anyone or any circumstance deter me from what I want from my New Year. It has taken me several lessons learned to get to this point, but I finally got it (#thankgod), and it feels absolutely amazing. Twenty Sixteen will find me healthier than I have ever been, smiling more than I ever have, happier and wealthier than I have ever been.

What can you expect from MADAME SMITH in Twenty Sixteen? In life you learn that there are two types of people. There are the ones that talk about what they’re going to do/accomplish/achieve but probably never do because they’ve talked more about their intent instead of actually doing it. Then there are those who rarely talk at all about what they’re doing and show by action. So, in regards to what Twenty Sixteen will look like for Madame Smith, you’ll just have to follow and see for yourselves… I assure you, IT’S GONNA BE AWESOMENESS!!!

It is my full intent to achieve everything I desire, live the life I deserve, live in the moment, continuously evolve as a human being, offer any help to my fellow humanity, give back in any way I possibly can, and remain on a constant journey of happiness. These things bring me much more gratitude than any monetary figure.

Let’s all CARPE DIEM every single day of Twenty Sixteen! Cheers to new beginnings! 


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