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Hey Lovelies! HAPPY TWENTY SEVENTEEN!! 2016 has come and gone and as I look back over the entire year, I’m definitely grateful for all the great, good, bad, and everything else in between. Obviously having great moments and good experiences are always a plus, but I’m thankful for the “bad” as well because it affords me the opportunity for growth and work on aspects in my life that require improvement. I’m definitely looking forward to Twenty Seventeen nevertheless, as I do every new year because I’m given yet another chance to pursue my goals, chase my dreams, attain success, and help others do the same. The more seasoned I become, I drift away from creating a whole new slew of  resolutions and refine and upgrade those I had in the previous years. This way, I’m still able to evolve and improve, but in a much more realistic manner.

One of my main focuses this year is learning how to manage the many hats I wear in my life. In 2016 I took on a lot of projects and because I’m such a perfectionist to the 1,000,000th power, I slightly neglected my blog, my line, my foundation, and various other Madame Smith projects/collaborations. I regret doing so, but most certainly lesson learned. I won’t begin to tell you guys everything that was on my plate because I’m not seeking any pity neither am I creating a “woe is me” scenario, or playing victim. However, I do want to acknowledge that, and the result of doing so was little to no growth with MADAME SMITH. When entering this year, I decided that it was imperatively necessary that a make a decision with what my plans, goals, desires, wishes, and aspirations were going to be with Madame Smith. It boiled down to either fitting my blog, my line, my foundation into my hectic life, or letting it all go. Typing those words alone, brought an overwhelmingly amount of emotion to my heart as it did when I thought long and hard about it. So, here I am yet another year. However, my promise to myself first and foremost is to give MADAME SMITH my all in all as I do with all my other projects that secure my means of financial stability. I am praying and believing to have a breakthrough and kick-butt year! Wishing the same for all of you guys and all your endeavors! 


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