“2015 – Letting my faith trump my fears.” 2015_12015_22015_32015_42015_52015_62015_72015_8

 Cheers to another year! I hope that each of you had an awesome holiday season, and brought the new year in doing exactly whatever your heart desired!! I’d like to start the year off right by thanking each of you who follow, read, or even browsed through my blog. I appreciate all the love I received last year with following, comments and sharing my posts. I am sincerely grateful! 

As I reflected upon 2014, I realized that there was a reoccurring theme in my life, that theme was the test of my faith. While my 2014 had its successes, I was also faced with life threatening health challenges. Boy-o-boy, there’s nothing like health scares that make you realize that you really have to rely on something more powerful than the medications that a doctor may prescribe or surgeries, procedures, and/or diagnosis.  Instead, you must have faith. And while I know this concept all too well because I know the word, I  study the word, and attend church regularly, there’s nothing like the test of faith when you, yourself must depend on it. So, this year, I vowed to focus heavily on letting faith trump my fears.

There is nothing like a leap of faith!! This year as I embark on launching “Madame Smith Collection” and “Little  Madame” (my little girl’s line), I’m going to need an infinite amount of faith to see me through. Of course I will stumble upon obstacles. However, I know the secret weapon to see my though, FAITH! So I encourage all of you to do the same! I really do believe in the idea that anything is possible, and this year especially, I’m setting out to achieve anything and everything I desire. I don’t want to regret not having my life to its capacity.

I’ve also decided to experiment and venture out more this year. Now I know I’m no evening gown designer, but, I wanted to try new things for 2015. Beyond the sky is my limit, so here it is, my first evening gown! And I must say, I am more than proud. I will be adding her and variations of her to my collection! So please stay tuned!! And remember never let anything or anyone limit your dreams, never let fear or anything else trump your faith. 2015, let’s do this! 

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