Karen Kane Blazer | Pretty Little Thing Pants | Moschino Bag

‘Tis the season… once again and baby it’s getting cold outside!

I’m looking forward to richly textured plaid patterns composed of amazing quality and fabric, especially on jackets and blazers this upcoming winter as I do every winter! I love layering and styling outwear this time of the year. For instance, this @KarenKane tweed number can be tailored for the office, after hours, or used as an outwear piece for the holidays! Warm, chic, and elegant are the goals this season, and @karenkane has you covered with amazing new styles to choose from! 

You know how it’s often said, “Christmas crept right on up?” It actually feels that way this particular Christmas for me.  Candidly speaking, I’ve been extremely out of touch with much around me. I haven’t felt well physically or mentally. However, day-by-day with prayer and self-care, I’m reaching a healthier and happier space. So for me, Christmas hasn’t exactly been at my forefront.

I’ve been in much reflection lately. By nature, I am a giver. If I could, I would try and help people every single day of the year. I came to the epiphany recently that because this is so, this year I wanted to be a little more strategic with my gift-gifting. I tend to always bend over backward in making sure I get all of my loved ones a gift; sometimes no matter the price within my means. This year I’m gifting more practical and useful things. I also decided to pour more into my business and I am planning to purchase many of my loved ones God Is My Source merch! Which from my viewpoint is a win-win. Notice, I mentioned purchased. I could easily give away products from my business, but the point is to pour more into my business; I am in return pouring into myself.

Here’s a little suggestion. If you own your own business or have friends who have businesses, try supporting by purchasing gifts from those entities first! Not only are you knocking out persons off your Christmas list, but you’re also sowing into something bigger! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 



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