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Hey Lovelies! I would love everyone reading this blog post to visit Plethora LA asap (as simple as clicking the wording in pink)! If you’re loving my “Thousandaire” t-shirt, this is even more reason for you to visit this site right after you finish reading my post.

“Plethora La” belongs to Jinell, a dear friend from elementary school and I’m extremely proud of her entrepreneurial endeavors! A “Los Angeles based online shop for the modern minimalist whose style is sovereign, feminine, and edgy,” this boutique “offers handmade items as well as private labels that mix millennial nostalgia and modern nuances relevant to the female persuasion and experience.”

I was immediately attracted to the uniqueness of her t-shirt designs! “Thousandaire” (pictured above) is among my favorites! It instantly reminded me of where I presently stand in life and encourages me to strive to where I would like to see myself in the future. Embracing baby steps before leaping over hurdles, each of us as individuals start somewhere and climb the latter to where our desires reside.

My hope is that one day I become more than a thousandaire; perhaps succeeding and surpassing the billionaire quo. I’m currently prepping and training my mindset to visualize this – it all starts with a vision, a dream, a goal. The rest all depends on utilizing God as the main source, combined with hard work, persistence, and allowing things to organically unveil!

Ironically, I decided to pair my thousandaire t-shirt with preppy, school girl attire. My inspiration for this look was Blair Waldorf – my favorite Gossip Girl tv character. Though as we all know Blair was majorly stacking (far from thousandaire status que) I had fun styling this look with her in mind. The matching headband and ankle boots should definitely be “Blair approved,” right?! 

Talk about inspiration, Jinell’s brand inspires me, and it is my hope that her amazing line can inspire you as well! Please be sure to check out! MSsignature


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