Third Love

Third Love Bra

Hey Lovelies! ThirdLove has become a favorite brand for intimates. Their bras are incredibly comfortable with itch-free labels, no-poke wires, and lightweight memory foam cups. ThirdLove understands that no two bodies are exactly alike, so why design every bra the same? ? This brand is definitely revolutionizing intimates by individualizing bras with 70 different sizes, for all kinds of women from AA through G, including half cup sizes!! Way to go ThirdLove for inventing that!!?? No matter what size or shape you are, you’ll feel confidence and poise embracing your shape with this brand! ???? My personal favorite is the 24/7™ CLASSIC T-SHIRT BRA!!! Check out ThirdLove to find your own perfect fit bra!! ??

Peace and Forever Blessings, MSsignature

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  1. Geezzz you look gorgeous!! I love your expression in the 2nd pic, your eyes look so sexy, not to mention the bra! 😉 If you ever travel back to the UK id love to do an intimate shoot like this, maybe we could combine third love with splendies!! 😉 😉 You look beautiful though. Is it me or is it hot in here?? lol x x x

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