The World Isn’t Against You

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Hey Lovelies! Ever have someone tell you, “The World Isn’t Against You,” and actually believe it? Speaking from personal experience, I’ve had several moments when/where I’ve felt like “dangggg world, what did I ever do to you/why is this happening?

When I first found out that I had cancer, I really felt in the pit of my stomach that this would be my exit. Prior to that, there were instances in which I felt like the world was against me because nothing was working out or going the way in which I desired. I’m typically very private, but the individuals who I’d open up to all had central themes of advice – God will help me through it, increase my faith, it’s only temporary, and/or the world isn’t against you.

My own mindset was however……..

I’m sure most of you have heard of the law of attraction – your thoughts become things…? In all of the cases of negative patches/points in my life, it was always a “when it rains, it pours” ordeal. It was so innate for me to come down hard on myself to the point where I actually ended up attracting even more negativity and unwanted things in my life. SOMETHING HAD TO GIVE…….

Fast-forward to the present, I’ve come a very long way, but there are times I have to correct myself thoughts and prevent myself from traveling down that winding road I despise venturing on.

Here’s the beauty of life, it continues to move on, even after those devastating moments we encounter! Sure life isn’t always roses and  sunshine, but guess what!?! We have the ability to actually stop, admire, smell, etc. those simple things in life which reminds us that THE WORLD IS NOT AGAINST YOU! 

What a time we live in where the world does seem crazy chaotic and situations and circumstances might appear to be too much to bare. I can’t believe suicide is at an all-time high right now and result of people being truly unhappy, feeling overwhelmed, or like there’s no other way. I think now more than ever we must encourage ourselves, loved ones, and those around us to heavily rely on God, our faith, meditation practicing, calming mechanisms, and simply do things to keep us well-grounded and uplifted.

Awhile ago I found this list that suggested 15 things to remember when you feel like the world is against you (see below)……

1. This too shall pass. Everything has an ending – including the bad times and the dark phases. Always remember that it’s really not your entire world that is sinking, it’s just a point in your life.

2. You have more control than you think. You can always find a way to get out of the rut you’re in if you truly take the time to control the way you react to things or ask people to help you out. There is always a way.

3. You never know what tomorrow may bring.Miracles happen every day and tomorrow is a new day for something better planned for you. Something that may not have crossed your mind.

4. Some things are going well for you. Like your health, your friends, or a roof over your head. Remember all the important things we take for granted that we truly can’t live without.

5. You will come out stronger. You’ve been there before, you had situations you never thought you will come out of, but you did. We’re always tested so we can learn how to stand on our own two feet.

6. Something good will come out of this. After the hurricane comes the rainbow. You will either learn an important lesson or you will grow as a person. Look for the silver lining.

7. Every problem has a solution. No matter how hard it looks, there will always be a solution for whatever you’re going through and in time you will find out exactly how to solve it.

8. You are not alone. You are surrounded by people who can help you and a lot of people have gone through the same thing you’re going through. Don’t believe that you are the only one who is suffering and learn how people got through their difficult times and what they learned from it.

9. Books can be therapeutic. There is a book for almost every problem you are facing, and the ways to overcome it or fix it. You can find solace in reading about your problems and the ways to fix them instead of having to explain to others how you’re truly feeling.

10. You will feel better if you stop thinking of how bad it is. Distract yourself. Get your mind off your situation by doing things that make you happy maybe dancing, or yoga or whatever it may be. We all have activities that makes us feel alive.

11. Being resentful will only harm you. As difficult as it sounds, you have to forgive yourself and the world if you think it’s unfair. It’s a long ride full of highs and lows and sometimes you just have to accept it and roll with the punches.

12. Your pain will make a way for you. It will either force you to change yourself or change your career or change your life. Pain transforms people and one way or another it will inspire you to do something great; either for yourself or for others.

13. Some troubles are blessings in disguise. It might be God’s way of leading you to another direction or taking away something that is not right for you. God has a better plan for us. We just have to believe.

14. Don’t ruin your present thinking about the future. You can be suffering and still appreciate the present. Go out with your friends, travel, try new things, and live your life like you normally would. For one day you will look back on these hard times and feel better about it because you still found ways to enjoy your darkness.

15. It’s all part of your journey. It’s the stepping stone or the road block that helps you get to the next path, or become a better person, or find your calling. Everything happens for a reason. We are meant to go through tough times to see our lives and ourselves in a different light.  

I truly hope this encourages someone who’s read this. Perhaps you’re going through it and feel like there’s no other way. Maybe you feel like you’ve got nothing left to give. Maybe you feel like you don’t matter. You are not alone! You matter!  You are an essential asset to this world we live in! Take a moment every single day and express gratitude. Admire the world around you! The world is not against you! The world loves you!


Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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