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It’s Miraculous Monday, let’s be thankful!!! 

It wouldn’t be life, if “life” didn’t impose things on you that forces you to relinquish all your control. However, in these same moments, we are granted the power of choice, which allows you and I to dictate how we exist through life’s unpredictable circumstances.

It feels like the world has paused, and I’m willing to bet many, if any foresaw it coming. As I  observe the present state of the world, the majority of us that are still living and breathing are witnessing a CHRONIC PANDEMONIUM. I’d even go as far as to characterize it as a severe case of sleep paralysis – yelling and screaming while attempting movement or trying to wake up, but stuck and at a standstill. 

In December 2019, when we were all preparing to enter what was supposed to be this fantastic, new decade – the year of “tunnel vision” aka 2020, the novel coronavirus emerged in China. Because the virus is deadly and spreads from person to person like wildfires around the globe, many have died worldwide as a result. 

The virus has changed the world permanently, more specifically, my world.

The moment the virus made its way aggressively into the lives and plans of America, our nation officially declared the virus crisis as a pandemic. Although I know we’ve had worldwide virus outbreaks previously, I cannot recall any of them being this critical so soon. I also cannot recall the effect of the virus placing life on hold as COVID-19 has. 

Coronavirus has infected and endangered humanity terribly. Many streets in cities around the world are empty. Flights to and from affected parts of the world have been grounded. Business conferences have been canceled. Museums are closed. Company headquarters are shuttered. Grocery and drug store shelves are being emptied of cold and flu remedies, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and anti-inflammatory over-the-counter medications. People are stocking their homes with food, water, and toiletries, preparing for a long quarantine period that may never come. Many organizations were forcefully closed, and many workplaces have been forced to remotely operate. Schools and college campuses have been evacuated. Sports arenas have closed. Churches are inoperable. AND THE LIST GOES ON……! 

More often than not, the general census of this all is that life is devastating right now. If not infected, most of us are avoiding catching the virus and are in a real-life panic. Sure none of us are electing to subject ourselves to a global pandemic, but observing everyone experience this collectively, being afforded practically the same resolution feels far from devastation right now. Money and power for once aren’t enough, to erase the problem, bail us out, or make us invincible. When you look around, the situation remains the same in each of our lives. It’s a double-edged sword, society whisked away into isolation and all. However, oddly something about watching the world stay home and being forced to stillness, just might promote healing in various neglected aspects of our lives, and that feels more like a win in the long run.

I think we’re now confronted with (in this “what-the-heck-happening-we-have-no-control” period)  making the choice of how we are going to live through this! The way I see it, we have two options at this point. A person can either take necessary precautions, obey the rules, and outlast this pandemic, or give up,  lose hope, and be defeated. How does one keep calm and carry on in a time like such? How can one not worry and be happy in the midst of a pandemic? God, perhaps!?!? There’s one and only source I wholeheartedly believe that has the power to steady us through these challenging times. Certainly, the coronavirus pandemic is confusing, frustrating, and frightening for millions of us, and unless the situation changes drastically, I’m so fearful that many of us will lose faith.

I have a confession!

I worry often, but since this pandemic I’ve refrained from panicking. Don’t get me wrong, I am very concerned, especially when I see so many people affected by the virus. I’m also taking heed to the advice of political figures, medical professionals, and public health experts. However, because I know that panic and fear are not from God, I’ve shocked my own self by remaining calm and hopeful. I’m finding that it is possible to respond to a crisis deliberately while maintaining an inner sense of calm and hope with God’s help. I trust that God is going to see us all through, but the choice is ours – will we continue to rely on him fully as our source?!? My hope is that we do! I know I will, that is my choice and it can be yours as well…!


Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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