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If you’re like the me, all things pretty are a must! This includes something as minuscule as luggage. You may be wondering, why would it even matter what the item that carries all the pretty stuff looks like? Well, in my world, it just does!!! However, here’s my struggle. It isn’t so much about finding the perfect luggage, because I’ve owned fashionable luggage sets. But, what’s really starting to grind my gears is the mishandling of, and damage to my luggage. I’ve gone through some super fly sets that have either been bruised beyond recovery or broken beyond repair by hasty baggage handlers and I can’t really say I was willing to let go them so soon. I’ve complained to the airline companies and in return for my annoying and consistent nagging, airline companies do offer a trade – meaning they replace my luggage with a boring/lame color that is the same size as the damaged piece. BUT, I’m never satisfied because my luggage is purposely unique and stand-outish. Like DUH guys, it isn’t pretty for no reason, so you’d think it was handled with care… Or maybe I’m just expecting a little too much courtesy (story of my life lol).  So, while I accept their peace offering, I usually give it away to someone who is in need of travel essentials and purchase a new set. However, in my attempts to not spend so frivolously, I’m seeking a better solution. I’m open to your ideas aside from luggage protectors because that defeats the purpose of having “pretty luggage”. Do any of you know where I can purchase a heavier duty clear protector? I’ve searched and even purchased a clear one but it was way too thin, so it obviously was not useful. I am so so so open to your suggestions. Please feel free to comment below or email me ( In the meantime, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the baggage handler who handles my luggage during my future travels will be a little more considerate! 
A girl who just wants to keep her pretty luggage pretty =)IMG_7279

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