Hey Lovelies! Remember when I said more me time this year?  I most definitely meant it! So with that being true, I’d think that self care, self care, and more self care would be the perfect way to end a busy, long, and draining week… Who else felt like Friday couldn’t have come soon enough!?!? ??‍♀️??‍♀️ With the passing of Nipsey Hussle The Great, it’s been extremely emotional in my neck of the woods. Way too much to say regarding his passing, but I will say this, his impact leads me to think about what type of  impact I will leave on those around me and on the world. It forces me to want to be better. It forces me to do better, to do more for others and my community, to live within in my purpose, and to be the very best I can be……! Thank you Ermias for that reminder! 

Whoops, got a little sidetracked there, so back to the skincare. How pretty is this packaging!?! It’s all nice and shiny which is something I’m noticing that newer skincare companies are into right now. While it’s nice to have pretty skincare bottles in my bathroom, I think what’s more important is the content inside. Speaking of which, I ‘m loving my products from @thalgousa – especially the 24 hour hydration cream that is thick and luxe;  keeps my skin hydrated for seriously 24 hours. Check out their site for more products to choose from – (THALGO)!!!! 

What’s your favorite skincare item right now?! List them below. ✌?❤️?

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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