House of Chic Car Coat :: Top Shop Midi Skirt :: Top Shop Tank :: Lola Shoetique Sandals

Hey Lovelies! Ever get the urge to create a wild and bold  look every once in awhile? Yep, I totally had that mindset today so I mixed a few textures, colors, and prints all in one. Since the outcome wasn’t too shabby, I might actually start creating more looks along these lines. I  often embrace and incorporate different, fun, and a little bit of edge within my looks here and there. Plus, we’re suppose to actually live life a little, so this is me living colorfully through textures, colors, and prints.

Can we just take a moment to admire how perfectly chic this car coat is? The material is absolutely everything awesome. The color, well, let’s just say I’d wear this outwear piece everyday if I could because pink is like the best color ever! I hope there are a few gloomy days this upcoming spring because I definitely plan to wear this piece again soon. I also love the texture of this car coat; the coarseness is almost identical to an actual poodle’s coat, but it’s all the way faux! To bring out the print in my sandals, I decided to add this velvet mini skirt to the equation. I know velvet isn’t typically a material many wear in springtime and since I needed to get some wearing out my velvet mini skirt before the winter days had gone, what better opportunity to do so than now?! This textured velvet blue complimented my sandals so nicely. Talk about spicing up your wardrobe by adding a pop of or an array of colors, right!? These sandals give me lifeeeeeeeee! They certainly standout and can be worn a slew of ways by either being dressed up or down!  Not to mention, they are super comfortable!

So there you have it, my semi explanation for an usual look for me. Nevertheless, I had fun rocking this. Can’t begin to tell you how many asked where I purchased such and such, etc. Statement pieces, bright colors, textures, and prints are always a great way to capture attention, well that’s if you’re into that sort of thing…!! 


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