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Asos Bomber Jacket :: Asos skirt :: Asos sandals 

Hey Lovelies! I hope you guys are having an awesome FRIYAY! Because floral prints are my absolute favorite and Friday is one of my favorite days, it was only perfect to post this look today. And yes, I’m aware this look is a yet another texture & another floral print, but hey I warned you guys at the beginning of spring that it was gonna be nothing but floral overload this season. What is super special about this look is that it is also a co-ords set which I’m also in love with. However, Ive never had a Co-ords set this unique – a bomber jacket and midi skirt. The texture of these pieces are really nice material, which is pretty awesome! This look overall simply put reminds me of love in spring – refreshing, sweet, and lovely. Although I know some of you might be thinking, what was I thinking to pair this textured floral print with bow sandals, but the color of the sandals really complimented the lime hue in the floral print. Although it doesn’t exactly match perfectly, I love that it provides enough cohesion to bring the look together. I’m more impressed at how the awkwardness actually worked, lol. Sometimes, you can pull things off like which is probably the 1,000,001 reason fashion is my one, true love. The ability to create things that you would not ordinary see but somehow just works. So guys, don’t be afraid to try that from time, you might be surprised at the amazing look you may end up creating. Well, I won’t rant a minute longer, especially since its FRIYAY and all! Have an awesome weekend my amazing lovers! Challenge yourselves to do something great and don’t forget to CARPE DIEM!!! 


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