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Hey Lovelies! Ain’t nothing like the real thang baby, ain’t nothing like the real thing….. LOL! In this case AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE THE “TEAL DEAL” BABY! Though, not my absolute favorite color in the world, the blue family ranks quite high for color hues of my choice because it matches quite nicely with my skin tone. I’m especially loving this teal matching set because  it most definitely exudes super-chic. Although Los Angeles weather has been quite colder than usual this time of year, I’d easily pair it with a fur jacket and instantly be holiday party ready. I also really love the distinct details of this matching set – the rich gold zipper in the back, the knotted detailing in the front, and this set STRETCHES! I mean, being a girl with curves and all, material that stretches is kinda my best-est friend (smiles)!! I paired my “teal deal” matching set with my favorite Jennifer Le clutch and pumps as of late. I must admit that I’ve been getting a lot of wear out this pair lately, which I normally wouldn’t be guilty of (who cares anyway), but one of the reasons I really love this gold crystal set is because it makes the most simple look, POPPPPPP!!! Which this is exactly what it does for this teal set.

Both Intertwine Collection and Jennifer Le have had extremely nice pieces in their inventories within their online boutiques  recently which has become rare in my opinion nowadays. Not sure about you guys online findings lately, but I’ve sort been a bit blah and almost over all the online boutiques aside from a few stores. I’m quite tired of seeing the same ole same ole stuff circulating around, which obviously makes it super easy for everyone to look pretty similar. No offense, but being someone’s twin isn’t my thing either. Nevertheless, I can definitely say that Jennifer’s handmade shoes and bags are like, OMIGOSH!! Like oh my gosh in the best sentiment possible. Many thanks to my PR rep/oldest friend/bestie for introducing me to her brand. I’m not quite sure if that’s been a gift or curse because I basically want every new shoe she makes. Oh, and have you guys peeped her latest venture – the fur collection!?!?! If not, go ahead and thank me later, or now because it’s amazeballs! At any rate, I’ll stop gushing about the I AM JENNIFER LE brand and just allow y’all to go and check it out for yourselves and also be sure to check out Intertwine Collection’s holiday pieces because they’re holiday perfection! 


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