Sweater Weather

Tic Toc Sweater | Louis Vuitton Boots | Louis Vuitton Clutch

Hey Lovelies! Sweater Weather is in full effect and I’ll be over the moon once I’m able to comfortably wear my oversized sweaters and layers. Seasons are hard to come by in Los Angeles as most of you know, but if this year continues as it has by us halfway experiencing seasons, we just might get some “real” autumn days. It would be a dream to layer on cooler days and not “pretend” dressing for fall meanwhile sweating a bunch. Tic Toc sent me some really cool autumn starters including this distressed sweater dress that I decided to make a whole look by throwing on some biker shorts underneath. I’ve been wanting an excuse to wear this Louis Vuitton pair I’ve had since May. Since that season wasn’t really fitting for these boots I’m kinda decided to wait until fall to break them in; I’m really hoping to get a lot of wearing out of them this season nonetheless. Moreover, please be sure to check out tictocla.com for cute little gems for this season and the upcoming! MSsignature

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