Target Matching Set

Hey Lovelies! Found this Summertime Target Style matching set the other day… I promised myself I was only getting the essentials and my necessities, but it somehow never happens that way!! Oh well…

Can anyone else relate?!?! I know I’m not the only person who struggles with sticking to their Target list(s), right!?!? I know for sure that I’m not alone in this department because over recent years, I’ve heard this statement time and time again,”I’m only going in for one or two things or I went into Target for one thing and came out with $100.00 + worth of stuff!!!” Ahhhhh, you’ve been there and done that, I’m certain! Anyone figure out what makes Target so enticing and slightly addicting? I’m sure we can all agree that Target’s marketing is definitely on point, whatever their secret may be. Kuddos Target for taking all our coins over the years….! 

Here’s what though, instead of denying my Target or “Tarjayyy” addiction, I’ve come to embrace it. If I’m being 100% honest, I frequented Target probably once a week in 2017 so at the beginning of 2018 I vowed to completely cut out my terrible “spending-my-bucks-at-Target-just-because” habits significantly, especially since I had no idea what/why I was spending on. Sure essentials and necessities can add up, but that darn “dollar spot” and those cute pieces in the women’s section are my weakness. Oh, and the popcorn is quite delicious too! As of late, I more than often STICK TO THE PLAN! Yay me! My revelation  about Target is this, and please correct me if I’m wrong…. BUT, if you’re like me, you love a great deal and there’s several of them at Target. The other side of that is that, those good finds and deals add up and once you’re standing in that checkout line watching your total increase more and more, you’re definitely wishing you had a little more self-control or took the checkout clerk’s offer on getting that Target Red Credit Card  to get that additional  10% discount! Lol, or maybe not….! 

Because this platform is all about helping and encouraging each other to live our best lives and being our best selves, what bad habits have you struggled with and/or currently struggling with? What strides have you made to correct this habit? Please comment below or email me at! Let’s work through it together!  

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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