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Topshop Top :: Topshop Shorts :: Zara Jacket :: YSL Clutch :: Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals 

Hey Lovelies!! Pretty much loving everything about summa, summa, summa time right about now, especially when the weather isn’t as hot and I am able to incorporate a few summer textures on a not so scorching day. Now I know I probably committed a few fashion no-no’s (leather and metallic) in the summer season, but ya’ll ought to know me by now; I don’t care that much about trends, what-to-where’s, and whens! More than anything for this particular look, I loved playing around with the various leather, mirrored, and metallic textures because it’s not something I would ordinarily do. In addition, adding the pop of pastel pink really added a nice touch to this look. I knew it would have either worked exactly right or went completely wrong, however I’m loving how the jacket and accessory on my clutch complimented my summer textures look nicely. You’ll also notice that I’m wearing a different style sandal that I wouldn’t normally either. Nevertheless, hear me loud and hear me proud, these are by far the most comfortable sandals I own by Giuseppe! Initially, I thought they would look extremely clunky and wouldn’t suit my short stature, but they certainly complimented my short girl syndrome nicely and were on the lower monetary scale then some of his other styles. What’s that saying, “the higher the heel, the close to heaven!?!” Indeed, these babies added a whopping 5.5 inches on to my 5’2  length. So ya’ll know I was definitely a happy girl, especially since these sandals were extremely comfortable (which allowed me to confidently trot along without pain or discomfort). These are probably also my fave sandals right now because they matched picture perfect with my silver with gold detailing clutch! I’ve never embraced the silver/gold combination, but can’t say that I terribly hated it; actually the exact opposite. I’m really fond how the two metallic hues complimented another so well. So there you have it, my summer textures look in a nutshell and probably my favorite look from summer 2016 thus far. I don’t think I’ve had so much fun ever creating and pairing a simple see-through tank and metallic painted denim minis which is really the distinguishing factor between fashion and style!


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