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Hey Lovelies! Not sure about you guys, but I’m beginning to get the feeling that I need to refrain from buying shoes and/or bags that I only plan/foresee one wearing. When I went in my closet the other day, I made a serious promise to myself to do much better. I’m probably like most woman in that I have wayyyyyyyyy to many shoes, and honestly I’m kinda tired of donating them. Now don’t get wrong, I’m always onboard for charity and charitable acts, but I’m not too keen on throwing away money, especially as I become more “seasoned” and such. Nevertheless, I wasn’t too thrilled about donating my birthday pair just yet (shown here), so I decided to get a few more wearings out them before autumn commences. Autumn’s arrival will mean pushing the sweet summer pastels to the back of my closet. Moreover, if speaking “fashionably” correct, pastels are always representative of spring. Luckily for me, they also trended a lot this summer. Be that as it may, this mildly sweet and summer pastels look shown above is soft, feminine and gives me that “fresh” appeal I was pretty much aiming to achieve with my belated birthday sandals and clutch. The pink pastel bold stripes in the dress provide a nice contrast to my bedazzled Sophia Webster pair and I super swooned over the feminine v-shaped neckline and fluttering flare skirt hem of the dress. It’s sort of a pity I decided to wear/style this dress so late in the season, because now that I think about it, I’m pretty positive I could have had a lot of fun with playing up those pink nautical stripes. Regardless, I’m happy to have re-styled my Sophia Webster accessories because I would have really hated to have only worn them one time.

In lieu of me letting go of my bad habits, I’ve begun brainstorming ideas on how to not waste my statement pieces anymore or at least trying to break myself away from the one-time-wear vibe I adapt sometimes. There’s one thing I know for sure about myself and that’s that I like distinctive pieces. For instance, the Sophia Webster shoes shown above are a great example of what my taste is ( a shoe that’ll command a lot of attention, but can’t be worn often enough).  Before even buying these shoes, I knew that their distinctive detailing would not allow me to wear them very often. BUT, I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to start getting more for my money with these sort of statement pieces by forcing myself to plan out three or more ways to style it. By doing this, not only is this forcing me to get my monies worth, but this practice is also unintentionally allowing me to think more creatively with my looks. I’m really going to make efforts to execute this for the upcoming season, so  stay tuned on whether or not I actually stick to doing this. In the meantime, I had fun practicing my new fashion principle with this summer pastels look. I can’t wait to report to you guys on what my progress is. Wish me luck!! ;-). 


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