Summer In A Few

Pretty Little Thing Bikini

Hey Lovelies! Summer is on the way. Actually, summer is in a few, and though I’m quite sad to part ways with my favorite season of the year, I am learning good things often must end. In this case, it just so happens to be my season. Sure I know that this time approaches each and every calendar period but always feel the exact same, melancholy.

The past eight years have been a little better only because my goddaughter, Amaya was born on the first day of summer.  Before that, I rarely looked forward to summer. As a child, I wasn’t eager for summer days neither because that meant senseless school work I was forced to complete during my summer vacation, extracurricular activities I would have to enroll that I had no interest in or summer camp in which I absolutely dreaded. Looking back on my childhood summers, I realize how ungrateful I was because I was exposed to so much, even though I didn’t necessarily have an interest in the majority of it. I remember my mom enrolled me in a basketball camp at USC one summer. Basketball! Really?!? I love the sport dearly, but why on God’s earth was my 5’2 (probably shorter then) couldn’t-make-a-shot-if-my-life-depended-on-it self tortured six weeks at a basketball camp. I alienated myself just avoid meeting other girls. Being an outcast just made more sense than actually making friends and embarrassing them on my less than stellar basketball skills, lol. I did learn however how stellar my footwork was ended up becoming popular because of my speed. The fall following I joined a track team and did exceedingly well. Moral of the story, many kids weren’t even afforded half of the opportunities I  was exposed to, so my adult self apologies for being ungrateful during that period. I also learned that in participating in something you’re not so fond of, you just might just discover something that you do!

I can’t promise a slew of bikinis and summer-looks (I typically feel less inspo to create during these months), but here’s a pretty cool two-piece I scored from Pretty Little Thing the other day. I figured, while I have a semi-summer physique, flaunt it, right?! It sorta happened by accident, and I’m just hoping that it’ll stick around for a while. Ironically, perhaps if I worked out consistently, I’d keep up the results! Cheers to summer, almost! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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