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Hey Lovelies! It’s here Summer ’19, and quite frankly, the only reason I’m semi here for it (summer) is that I sorta got the memo – summer body! Funny thing, me having a  somewhat toned physique this time, this year, unfortunately, results from me dealing with health challenges. In my world that’s always a  guaranteed weight loss. 

For the past five years, I’ve briefly opened up about being diagnosed with cancer, here and there. I haven’t written a full-blown post on it because I’ve trained myself mentally to stay strong which includes me attempting to live a normal, everyday lifestyle. Of course, there are reminders – doctors appointments, treatments, failing health, and plain out bad days. However, I notice I’m most healthy when I mentally battle this disease which in a way helps me physically overcome my ailments.

Nevertheless, I’ve lost a lot of weight and my swimwear isn’t something I’m running from like usual. I do realize that my weight loss isn’t a normal or stable way to keep my ideal body weight for this entire season which is why I’ve been actively changing my habits to sustain it. It’s important and critical to my health that I have a healthier diet and decent eating habits. I struggle with forcing myself to eat daily. Some days I don’t even have a desire to eat because my appetite is heavily suppressed from radiation. Other days I’m flat out nauseous and refuse to put my body through vomiting trauma. Therefore, summer ’19 for me is about maintaining a healthy me as best as I can – inside and out which means I’m holding myself accountable for necessary changes I’ve been needing to implement in my life. This includes healthier eating choices, actually eating, and a daily workout routine or physical activity of some sort. Most times when I think about all the change that’s required I get overwhelmed and as a result, I’ve done nothing. But, I’m breaking these habits day-by-day. 

Life’s a continual work in progress! But, hey, we gotta do what we must to survive and thrive and that’s probably my ultimate goal for summer! WHAT’S YOURS?!?!?!

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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  1. Wow im so sorry to hear this. I was about to say your body looks banging babe, which it does, but your story made me quite sad. I hope today is not a rough day for you, or tomorrow. x x x


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