StripesFloral&Leopard1 StripesFloral&Leopard2 StripesFloral&Leopard3 StripesFloral&Leopard4 StripesFloral&Leopard5


Chicwish skirt :: Forever 21 crop top :: Aldo sandals :: Quay sunnies 

Hey Lovebugs! When in doubt you feel the urge to take risks, do so! Some may argue that I’ve committed a fashion crime with all these prints, however, if you constantly listen to critics or the opinion of what everyone thinks, you’ll never get too far in fashion, or life period for that matter. I can’t tell you what enticed me to throw all these prints together, but I actually love the outcome of this stripes & floral & leopard combination. All of these pieces I’m wearing were totally in my closet before, either I’d worn them previously or neglected them altogether. Nevertheless, I love when I can create “something like” a brand new outfit with items I already have in the closet. The mixing prints, patterns, and textures trend allows you to always feel brand new because you can mix pieces that you wouldn’t ordinarily. Contrary to this color scheme, I’m far Monday Blues today, lol! Hope you guys are having a great start to your week! MSsignature

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