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Hey Lovelies! Never would you ever quite catch me in all green, like ever ever ever (green has never been a favorite color of mine), but something about this SPRING GREEN feels like BLESSINGS to come. So guess what? I’m rocking it proudly and trotting along with intentions of having the best Spring possible. Every single year I gush over how much I really love this season, mostly about how it feels like my second chance in many ways for my life. I’ve you’ve read any of my other blogposts about spring you’ll also hear my rants around how this time of the year feels like a breath of fresh air. This sentiment has yet to fade. 

Though the weather make some changes and the sun will shine more, perhaps I love Spring so much because the traits of this season closely mirror of my life. I’ll explain… When I think of Spring, I think – curious, friendly, witty, optimistic, smiles, empathy to others, tender-hearted, and energetic. In a nutshell, I practically just explained my entire existence, lol! Spring also excites me because this is the time of year when my creative juices tend to flow most and when I best execute successful creative projects! In a way, Spring is my revival and I’ll forever be grateful for this beautiful season to come…. 

My sincerest wishes are that you receive an overabundance of BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS ON BLESSINGS and that you too feel a sense of revival and renewal for the next few beautiful months. One last thing, force yourself to wear a color you haven’t been too fond of in the past. Who knows, you might just swoon over it the way I have with my look shown above! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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  1. I love the colour green, its my favourite, although I can understand how its not the easiest colour when it comes to clothing. You nailed it though, it goes really well with your dark hair. I have a feeling you could look good in any colour though. 😉 x x x


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