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DTLA Boutique :: Aldo Sandals :: Top Shop Clutch :: Prada Sunnies

Hey Lovelies! There’s this famous quote from Audrey Hepburn I often times think about that says, “Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.”  This quote pretty much sums up my sentiments for floral and because I own more floral pieces in my wardrobe than I can count at this point, I’m definitely going to always use this quote as my justification if anyone ever dare say, “you’re wearing yet another floral print?” =) Floral has always been my favorite print and I don’t foresee this ever really changing! When I stumbled upon this Spring Floral Co-Ord Set the other day at boutique in Downtown Los Angeles, I knew I could not resist purchasing it. Isn’t this powder blue tone is just the perfect color? I mean it really just pops nicely on a spring day. The subtle navy and pink tones compliment the floral print agreeably as well, creating a pretty nice contrast. Not only does this look have one of my favorite prints, but it also is a co-ord’s set which I’m sure you guys know by now that I live for! Co-Ords/matching separates, or whatever you may call them are certainly a gift from the Fashion Gawds above, or so I’d like to think so! When I find crop top and pants  Co-Ord sets, I get overly excited because they are rare in comparison to top and skirt Co-Ord sets. This particular set is designed especially nicely. The material is a charming linen and the crop top’s open back detailing adds the perfect little flirty factor. I accessorized this looks with navy blue to highlight the navy hues in the floral print. Until the next floral print swoons me, hope you all loved this look as much as I do!  


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