“Clean, modern, with zero fuss is my interpretation of sporty chic.SportyChic_1SportyChic_2SportyChic_3SportyChic_4SportyChic_5SportyChic_7SportyChic_6JPGSportyChic_8SportyChic_9SportyChic_10

I love how sportswear made a big comeback for 2014. I’m all for toning it down from time to time and embracing sporty and comfy, but there are times when you want to wear something in-between. SPORTY CHIC is that in-between factor. While it’s not too dressy it also doesn’t linger on the too casual side either; its an even balance of both.  Don’t you just love the whole mixing the chic with the athletic idea? (HAND RAISED HIGH) I DO, I DO!! Pure AWESOMENESS, right!?! Sporty chic definitely favors an actively minded girl, making it literally a trend with a kick!!  

Forever 21 pencil skirt :: Forever 21 jersey top :: Top Shop sandals :: Nordstrom Rack faux fur clutch (here) 

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