Hey Lovelies! What if you could inhale your vitamins? I was offered this campaign from Sparq recently and immediately became excited. When I learned that this company set out to innovate a product that I could have been using my entire life, I immediate thought, darn it, why didn’t I think of this? It always happens that way, right?! Nonetheless, I won’t even began to tell you my struggle with swallowing vitamins, or any medication for that matter my whole life. It’s never been an easy task, and I’ve had my fair share of having to get them down somehow, someway. I learned some years ago to trick myself by taking vitamins or medication  with food and swallowing it that way. Once I started doing that, I realized that swallowing medication  was a mind thing for me, something about foreign particles traveling down my throat doesn’t set too well with me, lol!

However, #SparqVitaminAir is such an innovative concept that now replaces nicotine and harmful chemicals with vitamins, amino acids and botanicals. Talk about the evolution of inhalation, right!?! Who wouldn’t choose inhaling with confidence?!? Moreover, this company commenced because a few individuals were tired of seeing other companies release products that were harmful to users and the environment. They set out to design a vitamin-infused smoking alternative for adults that was safe, nicotine-free and health-focused. After two years of research and development, Sparq Vitamin Air was born.

I was really interested in learning much more about the product and process and if you too are an inquisitive being like me,  please click here to learn more about this product! HERE!!!!

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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