Top Shop Matching Set | Asos Sandals | YSL Clutch

Hey Lovelies! AFFIRMATION -> I desire to live a life that genuinely sparkles inside and out.

I’ve always loved the metaphor “sparkle” because it reminds me of standing out, reflecting a light about who you are, and embracing your multi-faceted brilliant self. Think about it. Is there anything passive about the word sparkle? NOPE! Newsflash, anything that sparkles is ALIVE, very alive! Which brings me to my next question, are you on board for a life that forever radiates? I am currently in pursuit of…! 

What a coincidence my matching set is blinged out and beaded in sparkles. I thought it paralleled so good with what I set out for this blog post to be about too; encouraging you guys to constantly be your best versions of yourselves. In order for people to see that special sparkle inside and even on the outside of you, I’ve found that you must keep curious and always identify the driving force behind what you’re doing and the life you want to create. Living a “sparkling life” requires compassion with yourself and others. If you’re like me, you self-criticize and as a result, the mind can often constrict. Though this has been one of my challenges throughout the years, I recognize the pattern so I’ve actively decided to live without the constraints I apply to my life.  I tend to get in my own way when I do that. I’m intentionally more mindful about how my thoughts and mind are the gateways for all of my desires. Therefore, as cliché as this sounds, I’m on a frequency that’s bedazzled and sparkling… In other words, I’m putting forth more effort to be positive and catching myself when I’m not. Like everything, it requires work and is a process… Cheers to a life lived in SPARKLE! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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