Always a good day for a smile and some style! ✨❤️✨

The other day I contemplated about how powerful a smile can truly be. I actually think about this often and every opportunity I witness someone give the gesture, I recognize how much of a blessing it can be.  In the past I would challenge myself to smile more – especially to strangers because for a reason I really couldn’t explain, it sends feel good transmitters throughout my entire being. Though I still do attempt to do so, life sometimes gets in the way. I know, I know, this by all means should be no excuse, but I am personally working on how to stay consistent with things I set out to do even when life gets has me going through it….

Style on any given day makes me smile. Someone asked me the other day, “what is it about fashion that you love?” That question alone simply made me smile because the reasons are endless. One day I’ll dedicate a post to the innumerable interests surrounding fashion aspects, but for now I’ll spare y’all, lol! BUT! You know that slogan – “have a Coke and smile” I feel 1,000,000% the same way about smiling and styling and we’ll just end on that note! 🙂

I found this set a few years ago and it’s been my intention for the last few years to pull it out during the holiday season. The tartan material reminds me of ’tis the season vibes, but it never makes it in Christmas outfit rotation. A few months slightly late, I decided to give it a wear; styling it down and throwing on my Coke clutch seemed like the most appropriate thing to do! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, 


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