“Every cloud has a silver lining.” IMG_8824IMG_8831IMG_8866IMG_8908IMG_8959IMG_9011IMG_9021IMG_9075
I absolutely love this idiom and especially its meaning!! Difficult times parallel dark clouds that pass overhead and block the sun, in which I’m sure each of us have experienced at some point or another. However, like dark clouds, difficult times do not last forever. In fact, for every bad situation comes some sort of good. I also believe that you can derive some benefit from every negative occurrence that may happen to you. There’s always a silver lining!   
I saw this fabric the other day in MOOD FABRIC hidden behind several other fabrics. I thought to myself, this is most bizarre piece of fabric ever (because it almost looks like foil lol), yet for whatever reason I was compelled and intrigued to design some sort of garment out of it! A full skirt is what came to mind first because I knew it’d be eccentric, bold, yet classy all in one. I decided to add a modern-punkish twist to the outfit by adding the leather moto vest and studded-fingerless gloves! My lace-up ankle booties gave me that classy/elegance/girly- girlish look I always aim for!     
Madame Collection skirt :: Zara leather vest :: f21 crop top :: Zara lace-up ankle boot :: Love Culture sunglasses :: f21 gloves 

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