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Hey Lovelies! In lieu of celebrating the month for spreading love, I’ve become a SHUGA BABE/ brand ambassador for SHUGA CLOTHING, a company with a mission to help women feel loved, and helping ladies remember their worth, and talents. Living in a society that makes it a little tough to be incandescently strong, happy, unique, gorgeous, and adventurous (SHUGA), it’s a necessity that we figure out ways to make this possible for women, no matter age, shape, color, or size. When asked to be a Brand Ambassador for this company, I didn’t think twice! I embrace anything to do with uplifting, bettering, encouraging my fellow humans! What most of us fail to realize is that by working and helping another, this is one of the major the keys to progression in our daily lives. The same energy we spend on kicking another down, is the same energy that can be replaced in doing the exact opposite. 

SHUGA was started by a Ghanian born, Southern raised girl with a passion for life, and all things beautiful, with a mission to help women feel loved.  Shuga (pronounced sugar) is a term of endearment she uses to call loved ones, and friends. It’s her passion to help ladies remember their worth, talents, and if anything else that they are loved.  It’s her simple, sassy, and classy way to help women remember that they are capable of so much more! Each  of her items is carefully thought of, and selected just for you and me!  Shuga is her way of  bringing sweetness to our lives!

One of the dopest aspects of life is when we strive to treat others around us the way we want to be treated and when love others as we love ourselves. It’s refreshing to see when individuals take the initiative to actually do that. Please join me in bringing more awareness and attention to the SHUGA Company; companies like these are truly a godsend! Join the Shuga Babe movement here


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