Hey Lovelies! Happy FRIYAY to you all! How was everyone’s week! My hope and wishes  are that it was that each of you had a  healthy, happy, and productive week! Mine? It was overall decent. When I was confronted with difficulties, I worked through them instead allowing depression or anxiety to creep in. I also had a ginormous epiphany  this week in which I was super in need of (gonna keep it to myself, but worth mentioning). I will say this, I decided to confront some bad habits of mine, sat with myself, thought about it, wrote about it, and finally that “a-ha” moment dawned! Thank goodness because I was personally  getting disgusted with myself, especially when I stand in my own way, but for the longest I was unaware as to why. Nonetheless, I’m confident I got it now, so moving forward I plan to actively improve those habits.

In lieu of  me overcoming this little hurdle, I decided to have a little celebratory moment with sequins, well for that reason, and because it’s FRIYAY!!! Nothing like figuring life out, right! Nothing like FRIDAY either!! The moment Friday comes, I feel an instant happiness! I look forward to being able to look back at the week and feeling proud of myself, especially if it was a productive one. I also look forward to being able to just chill! 

Where’d I get this sequin get up from? GREAT QUESTION, lol! Scored it from the swap meet, yep you read correct. Not too bad, eh! The Moschino lock bag is from H&M x Moschino launch earlier this month. Its my favorite little clutch right now and have worn it with just about everything as of  late, because it goes with everything!!!!

Since it’s the weekend, I’ll keep it short and sweet! Hoping you all have the best weekend. Make memories, partake in an act of kindness, get rest, relax, and live your moments! 

Peace and Forever Blessings,MSsignature

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