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Hey Lovelies! As bittersweet as this might be, the time has come for me to semi farewell swimwear! In case you haven’t heard, summer days are nearing the end… My tan is beginning to fade, BUT the memories of my summer days will last forever! HOWEVER, I live in SUNNY CALIFORNIA, and what that really means is that I’m only halfway saying farewell. The beauty of living in Los Angeles is that I can most definitely wear swimwear until December because the weather is always the same (decently warm). Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a tad bit about December beach days, but our warmer temperatures are quite consistent at least through early November. 

Nonetheless, I only wore Swimsuits For All swimwear line Summer ’18. Though the pieces that I’ve been posting are sponsored, I candidly love the fit of each swim piece I received. I’m a curvier gal (obvi), and I often run into swimwear NOT fitting me the way I desire. I always feel like swimwear borderline looks inappropriate on me because bottoms fit too tight and show way more than I’d like. Funny thing, that’s definitely the trend (showing what ya momma  gave you), I just have never really felt 100% confident in doing so. Let me clarify, it’s not that I’m not confident with my  body type or anything, I learned to love my thick, track-runner thighs man moons ago, but it’s more so a mental thing. Make sense? Probably not…  Allow me to explain a little deeper. I’m the type of girl who wants you to fall in love with me not completely because of attraction, but I’ve always wanted a guy to love me/be into to me because of my big, loving heart, or find attraction because I’m intelligent, cultured, polite, kind, sweet, caring, etc. Get the point now? Looks have the potential to fade, then what?????

On another note, I’m pleased to announce that these past few months have been filled with learning, growing, elevating, self-love, and self-care! Gotta admit, it’s been refreshing! I needed a change in pace from my usual jet-setting habits. You never really know the benefits a little stillness can create for your life until you take the time to just be STILL! 

Peace and Forever Blessings, MSsignature

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