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House of Chic two piece set  

Hello my loves and HAPPY ONE DAY UNTIL DECEMBER!!!!! Whew, that came way too quickly! But then again, isn’t that what we always say about the arrival of December?!? On another note, let’s chat about Selena for a bit…..  Selena Quintanilla once said, “if you have a dream, don’t let anybody take it away” which happens to be my favorite quote from her and without a doubt, an important notion to live by; one I personally embrace daily. Truly, until her unfortunate death, the world witnessed her live out her dreams through her creative talent, and that my loves is why I will always have an eternal fondness for the late, but great SELENA! When House of Chic released this “Anything for Selenas” two piece I fell instantly in love! Not only is it the perfect set for this fast approaching Holiday Season, but it definitely encompasses major Selena vibes. When I wore it, all I could think about is doing the “bidi bidi bum bum.” LOL! (see here)  Nevertheless, beautiful Selena will forever live in my heart, and I’ll definitely be keeping this set forever in case I want to ever become a Selena impersonator, lol. It’s certainly fitting right? 

While I was feeling major “Selena” wearing this set, I also think it’s the perfect set for any holiday gathering, party, or shindig. The velvet material feels amazing and the gold beaded detailing adds the perfect accent. Did I mention, how comfortable it is, there’s lots of stretch in both the top and pants!! The pants are high waist and the top is cropped. How much more chic can you get than this?!? If you haven’t visited House Of Chic, what are you waiting for, seriously?? In addition, if you’re looking for something to wear to your holiday festivities, look no further, HOC has you covered.  Click this link! Keep in mind, every piece on this website is CHIC, CHIC, CHIC!!! 


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