Hey Lovelies! If you know me, you know I love all things creative/unique. Scroll left to right to see the most creative ring I’ve ever owned. The Azure Falls ring is from SECRET WOOD @secret.wood – a boutique jewelry company out of Vancouver, Canada that creates handcrafted rings inspired by nature. Many elements of nature have been incorporated in their ring designs, providing a connection to nature even if it’s far away!

In selecting my ring for this collaboration, I chose “AZURE FALLS” because I’m always enamored with the beauty, peace, and serenity of waterfalls. This ring encompasses majestic waterfalls flowing through a secret paradise, a place you’ll never want to leave! Be sure to  check out some of their other cool styles and make sure to use MY PROMO CODE “thanks_madamesmith” to get 15% off! Linking the website here (SECRET WOOD) so you guys can shop your little hearts out – rocking nature instead of bling bling for a change! When I think about it, that sounds a lot more refreshing nowadays .

I can’t speak for any of you guys, but I personally have never really been into fancy and flashy jewelry. The older I get, my feelings increase more and more and I just really rather have the basics – nice earrings, a ring, and watch maybe…. All the other accessories I really could do without and rather spend my money on something worth way more, or not spend it all! LOL! Who knows, maybe this is a phase as well, but……. 

Peace and Forever Blessings,


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